"A hard working creative genius that delivers time and time again."
-Desmond Herrington, President, Pass Labs

"Keith is always completely prepared and wonderfully practical. He’s a photographic artist with a superior eye, balanced by steady rational thinking so to always be in total command of the difficult choices imposed by time and budget. That he makes it all look so easy is a testament to his friendly and efficient professionalism. He is what we say in “the industry,” a pro’s pro…and a great guy!"
-Christopher Knight, Television and Motion Picture Celebrity, Founder of Christopher Knight Home

"I've been working with Keith Sutter since 2006. He is my "GO TO" photographer. Keith's talent, creativity, and honest work ethic put him at the top of the industry. He has an amazing ability to keep calm with positive composure during the fast paced and extremely high pressure shoots we put him through. I highly recommend him."
-Ian Wilson, Costco Wholesale

“Keith tells stories visually, and he’s one of the best there is. The images he captures are imbued with his innate sense of wonder and eye for composition, and his practiced experience lets him confidently pull off some of the most technically complex shots I’ve ever seen. I trust Keith implicitly to convey our brand integrity. The growing library of product shots, portraits, landscapes, and lifestyle scenes he captures for us are a resource I draw upon constantly. Keith’s photos seem to improve everything they’re part of by a thousand percent.”
-Dan Wilson, Graphic Designer & Web Coordinator, St. Supery Vineyards

"Keith is such a responsive artist, both to his subjects and to his clients' requests, and so easy to work with. His reliability and experience make him a natural choice for our photography needs."
-Taryn Casaleggio, Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist, UC Davis Health System

“Our clients often present us with unrealistic deadlines, yet Keith always manages to come through. And he doesn’t just deliver, he consistently knocks it out of the park!"
-Bruce Craig, GM, Pacific MarCom




"Dance by nature is ephemeral. Capturing an image frozen in time to convey the magic and beauty of dance requires a photographer of exceptional skill and artistry. Keith Sutter’s rare ability to create images that reveal the spirit and life-force of dance is remarkable.”
-Ron Cunningham, Artistic Director of the Sacramento Ballet

"We have been working with Keith for almost 15 years as our lead photographer and can honestly say a lot of our success as a company is directly associated with his photography. He is professional, smart, creative, and a joy to work with always understanding our needs and delivering on the job at hand."
-John Halloran, GM, Noble House Home Furnishings, LLC

 "We've been working with Keith Sutter for 14 years and have done over 30 shoots together. Keith is a visionary and is uniquely talented. He is extremely easy to work with, hard working and totally committed to delivering world class results at every shoot. A totally chill guy and pleasure to work with."
- Lenny Vainberg, Partner, RST Brands

“The architectural photography we’ve received by Keith Sutter has transformed our marketing and Web materials. His distinctive style captures the beauty and the lifestyle experience of our communities perfectly.”
-Erin Scherer, Executive Director, ESKATON